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05 Aug 2022

This week we started on site at this semi-detached home in Mayfield. The current victorian outshot (a former toilet) is cold, small, and turns its back on the garden. 
Our proposal embraces the garden and encourages natural sunlight to enter deep within the house. This will provide a breath of fresh air for out clients and will allow them to enjoy their home again!

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24 Jun 2022

In visiting the Edinburgh College of Art summer exhibition last week we were blown away by the talent of Mhairi Maxwell. We were thrilled in her agreed sale of this  stunning polyptych mural of the Water Leith. Each panel in order vibrantly depicts the flora from Balerno to Jupiter Green, and then onwards to Murrayfield, Cannonmills and Leith. Already we have engaged with her for another panel on behalf of a client.

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10 Jun 2022

Here is a glimpse behind the curtain to see a selection of exciting office projects that are currently being developed! These are by no means  ‘finished products’ rather a sophisticated design tool. Here in the office, we like to use 3d models and state of the art rendering software to visualise designs as the develop. This allows us for a greater level of collaboration and refinement than was possible beforehand and ultimately more exciting and well considered architecture!

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13 May 2022

Edinburgh’s New Town plays host to some wonderful gardens
Our office has pots of experience in designing and obtaining planning consents for garden room extensions which bring the home out to the garden and the garden into the home. 
This recently approved extension does just that, in giving a basement garden level a bright, inviting  living space commensurate with the requirements of modern family living. 

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06 May 2022

Coldingham Bay is a beautiful, sandy beach; a real jewel in the crown of the Scottish Borders. It is also a beach with limited access due to its topography. 
Local Charity Sea the Charge launched a Beach Wheelchairs hire initiative in 2019 with the aim of providing access onto the beach for wheelchair users. The initiative continues to grow and now the charity is setting its sights on improving the accessibility of the beach to ‘enable everyone, regardless of age or physical abilities, the opportunity to enjoy the beach’. 

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29 Apr 2022

It is all hands on deck for our project up in Perthshire. The team from AGB are diligently steaming ahead with works from the foundations all the way up to the chimney pots. Stephen and Michael were lucky enough to visit the site this week. How could you not be excited to see the house come together on such a glorious spring day? Here is a quick photo tour showing various aspects of the project.

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12 Apr 2022

In the heart of the highlands, surrounded by the mighty Dochart river lies a tranquil little island that is the final resting place of the leaders of Clan Macnab since at least the late Middle Ages.
The island , known by locals as Innis Bhuidhe (The Yellow Island), with its rubble walls, ceremonial procession and segmented archway is the epitome of romanticist ideals surrounding death and an important piece of Scottish cultural heritage.

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25 Mar 2022

We are overjoyed to have received planning consent for this smart extension on Great King Street. This well-proportioned extension is hidden from neighbouring plots behind tall garden walls, and only from the privacy of the owner’s garden can you appreciate the rural atmosphere evoked by the cabin-esque vertical timber cladding. The stunning glazed screens reflect this nature to further give the impression of a countryside oasis in the middle of Edinburgh’s New Town. From the inside, the property will be given a new lease on life by establishing a stronger connection between inside and out, while also providing the owners with much-needed space to feel at ease in their own home!  We cannot wait to show you the completed project. In the meantime, here […]

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18 Mar 2022

We are very grateful to Emma from Tay Ecology for her very informative talk about bat ecology. Often when renovating older buildings we discover that they the home of more than just our clients. Having the right sort of ecological know-how not only ensures that the project is completed on time and on budget but also helps conserve these important protected species. You can find out more about tay ecology from their website

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11 Mar 2022

It was six years ago that we won the Scottish Homes ‘Development of the Year’ award for our refurbishment and new build project at St Andrews Court in Gullane. The new build element included two contemporary detached houses which overlooked Goose Green.
We were recently commissioned to convert the garage at No 1 Goose Green into an exercise room and undertake some upgrade work to the main house and now, with its improved facilities, this home is being marketed for sale by Rettie & Co.

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Gothic Twist

04 Mar 2022

Edinburgh is steeped in architectural history – it is arguably one of the most architecturally influential cities in the world. This sleepy villa in Stockbridge was probably built by a local craftsman in the late eighteenth century. Although you won’t find it in the history books, it certainly has tonnes of character such as this twisted balustrade. It is a real privilege to work with such historic buildings and through sensitively improving them to meet the needs of a modern family, we can ensure their long term future and use.

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Prestigious Scottish mansion on the market

07 Sep 2021

We are enormously proud to have had the opportunity to be involved in the restoration of Stevenson house nearly two decades ago and would highly recommend visiting the Rettie website to find out about the upcoming sale. There is also a very informative Scottish Field Article outlining the history of the house which you can find on the link above.

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New Staff Appointment

We are delighted to welcome both Cormac Lunn and Jago Trelawny to the fold. Both Jago and Cormac graduated from the University of Edinburgh (MA Hons) with first class honours. They will be with us for twelve months as Part 1 Architectural Assistants before returning to their studies to complete their master’s degrees.

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